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Picnics and Platters


Chilled Hors d'oeuvres & Small Plate Platters

Assorted Cocktail Sandwiches                                                                                 $2.95 each
Chilled Shrimp Shooters with Spicy Cocktail Sauce                                                $3.25 each

 Assorted Half Wraps                                                                                                 $3.95 each

 Delicious Devilish Eggs                                                                                              $12.95/doz.

 Smoked Salmon
with creamed cheese, chopped eggs, capers, red onions & Toast Points                      MKT. Price

Raspberry Baked Brie En Croute with Cracker Assortment                                 $29.95 sm. $45.00 lg.

Greek Salad Platter                                                                                                $39.95 sm. $55.00 lg.
Fresh greens with cucumbers, greek olives, pepperocini, purple onions, oregano, feta cheese w
ith a scoop of housemade potato salad on it. Served with a side of our homemade Greek Dressing.
Absolutely delicious! Add gyro meat for an additional charge.

Antipasto Platter                                                                                                             $39.95 

Uncle Poppy’s Famous Smoked Chicken Salad/crackers - serves up to 18                 $29.95

Fresh Vegetable Crudite - Serves up to 18                                                                     $39.95

Pinwheel Platter - Serves up to 18                                                                                 $49.95

Decorated Smoked Salmon w/crackers - serves up to 25                                             Mkt. Price

Assorted Canapes - 50 pieces                                                                                         $95.00

Homemade Hummus with Fried Pita Chips - Serves up to 18                                       $39.95

Wisconsin Sausage and Cheese Platter - Serves up to 18                                             $49.95

Fresh Seasonal Fruit with Dip - Serves up to 18                                                            $40.00

Homemade Chips with Fiesta Salsa - Serves up to 12                                                   $29.95

Wisconsin Cheese and Crackers 8- 20                                                                 $39.95/med $59.95/lg

Deli Meat & Cheese Platter                                                                                   $49.95/med $69.95/lg
Layered Taco Dip Platter w/homemade chips                                                                $39.95

           Hot Hors d'oeuvres & Small Plate Platters
                                                   Based on 100 people or more. Per person
Chicken Wings  Seasoned, BBQ, Med, Mild                                                                     $  1.25

Tuscany Chicken Skewers                                                                                            $  2.50  

Chicken Quesadilla                                                                                                       $  2.25

Prime Beef Carpaccio                                                                                                    $  3.75

Hoisin Glazed Beef Satay/Honey Garlic Ginger Sauce                                                $  3.75 

Mini Jalapeno Cornbread Muffins                                                                                 $  2.95

Mini Seafood Vol- u-Vants                                                                                            $  3.95

Italian Sausage in Marinara Sauce                                          (per Lb.)                      $ 9.95

Homemade Spinach, Cheese & Bacon Quiche - 50 pieces                                           $99.95

Meatballs (Swedish, Italian or BBQ) - Serves up to 22                                                  $39.95

Asian Ahi Tuna Tartare                                                                                                 MKT

Crab Claws                                                                                                                     MKT

Clam Casino                                                                                                                   MKT

Oysters Rockefeller                                                                                                       MKT


                                          Picnic Grille Menu


This is not your ordinary burger!  Three beef cuts blended formed into a 6oz. hand-patted burger topped with lettuce & tomato served on our fresh bakery buns and with the choice of any two 2 other links listed below.
1/4# All-Beef hot dogs
Italian Sausage Links
Sheboygan Brats
1/4# Polish or Kielbasa

Italian Sausage and Wisconsin Beer Brats. We prepare our brats the Milwaukee Way, boiled in beer and onions and finished off on the grill. Our Italian sausage is loaded with so many delicious spices and plenty of garlic!

Chicken Sandwich and Pulled Pork Sandwich. Delicious marinated chicken in special herbs and spices then grilled to perfection. We slow roast and smoke our pork and hand-pull it when it’s tender and juicy, mix it with our own house made BBQ sauce then top it Carolina style with coleslaw an pickle slices.  A Milwaukee favorite! 

SHISH KEBOB GRILLE          $15.95 pp

We take fresh vegetables in season and skewer them up with either our marinated chicken or beef and top it with fresh pineapple, then grill it to perfection. Or if you prefer, we can do all fresh veggies!


We slow roast our brisket with our special dry rub then slice it thin and served with our signature au jus. Our turkey is massaged with seasonings only The Hard Wood Café makes, then cooked until tender and juicy.

DOOR COUNTY FISH BOIL        $16.95 pp

Tender and Flaky Whitefish poached with Assorted Fresh Vegetables & Baby Red Potatoes topped with drawn butter. Served with Fresh Rye Rolls and Butter. Unbelievable! Like no other fish you’ve tried!
(This is all inclusive.  No addtl. sides below are available for this choice without addtl. charges.)

Whole hog roasting is more than just an amazing way to barbecue, they are an entryway into a community of grilling enthusiasts whose reach extends across the globe. The history of the "china box" or "cajun microwave" as some refer to them, has roots steeped in centuries old cultural traditions spanning from the Far East, to South America, to the Caribbean, and beyond.  It's a unique process of slow roasting producing porktastic meat creating an outdoor BBQ show your guests will not soon forget.  Hard Wood Pitmasters can come out, spit roast it, carve it, and serve it while you and your guests enjoy the food and enjoy the show. Treat your guests to Milwaukee's most unforgettable barbecue!   Minimum: 50 guests On-site and carving fee additional.  
Whole spit roasted pig ...................$16.95   PP
Whole spit roasted beef round ........ $19.95  PP
Whole spit roasted lamb ................ $22.95  PP


Creamy Coleslaw                              Creamy Potato Salad                       German Potato Salad                 Cucumber Salad

Puerto Rican rice and beans          Macaroni and Cheese                  Chilled Spaghetti Salad            Baked Beans

Pasta Primavera 
Pasta Salad             Fresh Veggie Platter                        Panzanella Salad                    Chips and Dip          

Salsa & Tortilla Chips                        Cinnamon Apple Sauce                    Sliced Watermelon (In Season)         Cold Bean Salad

                            Fresh Corn on the Cob with drawn butter $2.50 additional per person  Addtl. sides $1.50 per person. 

All sandwiches are made fresh to order when you have “The Hard Wood Café” gypsy wagon attend your event. This will be a party your friends and family soon won’t forget. Food will be delivered in disposable containers unless “The Hard Wood Café” attends your special event. All prices are based on a minimum of 100 guests. If you have a smaller or a lot larger group, please call for a quote. 5.7% tax and 15% service fee will be added to each order. Prices are not “all you can eat”. For The Hard Wood Café gypsy wagon to attend your event, there is a truck delivery fee.  Quality single use plates, napkins and utensils are provided. Delivery will be charged depending on location, with a $50.00 minimum. Chafers are available but additional. Prices are subject to change. Chef/Servers of the gypsy wagon are $18/hour with a minimum of 4 hours, to begin when they load and leave the shop and concluding when they return and unload. A deposit of 30% is required to hold your specific date and time. A minimum final headcount is due 2 weeks prior to your event. Your total bill is due 14 days prior to event. All prepayments and deposits are non refundable unless we are able to rent that date and time out to another client.  Prices are subject to change.








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